• Spring Wrapped Drag Brake


    • Long life under continuous slip conditions
    • Unidirectional or bidirectional operation
    • Same or different CW and CCW torques
    • Precise and stable limit torque calibration
    • Range: 1.0 to 600 oz·in
    • Same torque at breakaway as at high slip velocities
    • Slot for pin coupling
    • Corrosion resistant materials
    • Drag torques for supply reels
    • Safe holding of backdriving loads
    • Friction loading of mechanism
    • Friction loads for testing components
    Federal supply code - 15531

  • Tension Control System

    For constant tension in web spooling applications.


    • Self regulating. Constant tension from full to empty supply spool
    • Purely mechanical tension control, requires no electrical input
    • Long life under continuous slip conditions
    • Low drag torque during acceleration
    • High brake torque during deceleration
    • Smooth operation, free from jitter
    • Tension unaffected by slip speed
    • Minimizes material spillage
    • Torque ranges from 1 to 50 in·lb
    • Can be supplied as a complete system
    Federal supply code - 15531