• Integral toothed pulley
  • Long life under continuous slip conditions
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional operation
  • Same or different CW and CCW torques
  • Small in size
  • Precise and stable limit torque calibration
  • Torque range: 2.0 to 600 oz·in
  • Same torque at breakaway as at high slip velocities
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Tension control of film or tape drives
  • Transmission overload protection
Federal supply code - 15531
Unit of Measure


Upper Limit Torque (oz·in)1 N/A 48 ± 5

Unit Weight

N/A 7 oz

Pitch Belt

N/A 1/5 in

A ± .03 (in)

N/A 1.39

B + .0010 (in)

N/A .2500

C (in)

N/A .23

D ± .03 (in)

N/A 1.01

E (in)

N/A 1.25

F (in)

N/A .50


N/A #6-32
Number of Pulley Teeth2 N/A 28 30 32 36 40 42 44 48 a1081.jpg

Additional Information

PB Series slip clutches are designed for long life slip conditions. The useful life of these elements is a function of transmitted torque and slip speed. Service life expectancy is 1 - 2 million slip revolutions, increasing to 5 - 10 million slip revolutions if heat treated.

  • 1 Stock units are calibrated with equal cw and ccw slip torques corresponding to the tabulated Upper Limit Torque listed in the table above. Clutches can also be calibrated with slip torque values lower then the maximum values shown. When ordering the CW and CCW slip torque values may be specified anywhere from the full torque value listed, to a lower value of approximately 1/8 of this maximum, and may be specified the same or different for each of the two directions of rotation.
  • 2 1/5 pitch (3/8" pitch available)