• Smooth continuous torque through 360º operation
  • Holds loads in any position from 0º to 360º
  • Same or different CW and CCW torques
  • Torque: 2.0 to 12 lb·in
  • Small in size
  • No need for ratchets, counterbalances & ball detents
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Lap top computer screens
  • Lap top keyboards
  • Doors and panels
  • Friction hinge requirements
  • Overload protection
Unit of Measure


Torque (lb·in)

N/A 4.0

Additional Information

The miniature wrap spring hinge is comprised of one or several hexagon shaped housings, one or several wrap springs, a shaft, and two end elements. The wrap springs couple the housings is to the shaft and simultaneously provide the limit torques for the hinge.

The miniature, spring wrapped, constant torque friction braked hinge is ideally suited for applications requiring the maintenance of an unbalanced load in any desired position throughout 360º of a given rotary axis.

Typical functions of the friction hinge are:

  • Adjustment of a lap top computer display screen for comfortable viewing.
  • Friction braking of a cover, keyboard or an overhead door against gravity free fall shocks.
  • Any application where precision braking is required.

    1. Torque can be the same in both directions.
    2. Torque can be different for the two directions of up to 4 to 1 ratio.