• Smallest standard package
  • Control for both "X" and "Y" axes
  • Snap acting switches
  • Integral terminals
  • 1 form C contacts
  • Long operating life
  • Spring return to "OFF" position
  • Hardware for panel mounting
  • Dust cover
  • Medical equipment
  • Telescopes
  • Microscopes
  • Film viewing equipment
  • Machine tool tables
  • All X-Y positioning equipment
Unit of Measure



N/A 30 VDC

Resistive Loads – Gold Contacts (US 10 Type)

N/A 0.10 A

Resistive Loads – Silver Contacts (US 20 Type)

N/A 0.50 A

Additional Information

S51MXY is an ultra-small, two-axis, momentary contact joystick toggle switch package. It is engineered around the world's smallest, basic snap-action switch, and provides ON/OFF control in both the "X" and "Y" axes. This switch is used in applications where it is necessary to provide ON/OFF control to devices such as motors, or signals to controllers for positioning two-axis apparatus such as telescopes, microscopes, film viewing equipment, machine tool tables and other similar equipment.

Identical in function to the higher current 51MXY switch package described earlier in this catalog, the S51MXY is used in all similar applications, but where tighter panel layouts are desired and lower electrical ratings are tolerable.

The switch is designed for panel mounting by a standard 15/32"-32 threaded shank and hex nuts. An anti-rotation key washer engages a slot in the shank to lock it radially. All of the required mounting and locking hardware is provided with the switch. Panel thicknesses of from .030" to .094" may be accommodated.


S51MXY is a small, five-position, single-pole, momentary contact switch. Referring to the accompanying vector diagram, actuation of any one of the four individual switches, X1, X2, Y1, Y2 is accomplished by deflection of the operating handle in the desired direction along the "X" or "Y" axis. Internal guides prevent the simultaneous actuation of more than one switch. Release of the operating handle automatically returns it to the "OFF" position.