All switches in this series are three-position, single-axis, single-pole switches with a locked center position. Motion to actuate them requires a short, deliberate axial "PULL" of the handle before motion can occur to either side of the zero or "OFF" position. The outside positions can be either "locked", "maintained" or "momentary" depending upon the detent style chosen.

Detent styles
LOCKED "L" means that the operator must employ a pulling action before any actuating motion can occur.
MAINTAINED "D" means that the handle remains in the operated position when the actuation force is removed. However, a return force is required to move the handle to the "OFF" position.
MOMENTARY "M" means that when the handle is released at any of the actuated positions, it automatically returns to the "OFF" position.
Unit of Measure




Additional Description

N/A Three-position, single-pole switch. The center position and both outside positions are fully locking.