• No angular windup upon torque application
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Constancy of limit torque
  • Long life under continuous slip conditions
  • Same or different CW and CCW torques
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Torques from 10 to 110 oz·in
  • Range of bores up 3/8" diameter
  • Anti backlash gear boxes
  • Precision microscope drives
Federal supply code - 1553
Unit of Measure



N/A Set screw

A & B – Bore + .001

N/A .1875 in.2500 in.3125 in.3750 in6 mm8 mm

Additional Information

The CNW series no windup slip couplings are designed to serve both as a torque limiting device as well as coupling for two collinear shafts. The CNW series coupling is unique in its operation because it does not exhibit any spring windup upon application of a load to either input end. Spring windup is inherent in spring wrapped clutches and is in the order of ± 3º angular rotation. The CNW series coupling is also designed to operate within a 3a linear misalignment between shafts.

The CNW series coupling has found use in mechanisms where a torque limiting device is required to limit stresses in the system but should not add to the backlash of the output. A typical mechanism where this coupling has been used is in an anti backlash gear box. Tests have shown that the CNW when compared to a solid coupling with no torque limiting capability was just as effective for not introducing backlash in the system.

The CNW series couplings incorporate a spring as a slip element for long life during continuous slip. When the load exceeds the limit torque of the slip coupling the collinear shafts will rotate relative to each other without windup at the full limit torque. The calibrated slip torque levels are stable and precise. Note that the torques can be supplied the same or different for the two directions of rotation. Torques are the same at breakaway as well as at full speed.