• Bidirectional operation
  • Constancy of limit torque
  • Tension control of film or tape drives
  • Transmission overload protection
Federal supply code - 15531
Unit of Measure


Upper Limit Torque (lb·in)

N/A 50

Unit Weight

N/A 1.5 lb

A ± .02 (in)

N/A 2.00

B & C + .0010 (in)

N/A .3750 .5000 .6250 .7500 .8750

Additional Information

The slip coupling serves as a torque limiter as well as a coupling for two collinear shafts. When the load exceeds the limit torque of a slip coupling the two shafts rotate relative to each other at the full limit torque. The standard coupling is designed to operate with linear misalignments of up to .010" between the two shafts. Standard angular misalignment is 1.5º max. The mounting hole diameters of the slip couplings can differ for the two ends, so that different diameters of "in-line" shafts can be coupled together.