• On demand, bidirectional output from unidirectional input.
  • 24 VDC operation (3.0 watts)
  • Overload protected up to 7.0 lb·in (max.)
  • Response time 15 ms (0-1000 rpm), 30 ms (reversals at 1000 rpm)
  • Cost effective, open frame construction.
  • Low electrical noise (RF) generation.
  • Ball bearings used throughout.
  • Optional shaft extensions (input and/or output) either or both sides of package.
  • Business machines
  • Medical/diagnostic devices
  • Computer peripheral devices
  • Instrument drives
  • Packaging equipment
  • Textile equipment
  • Copiers
Unit of Measure


Overload Torque (lb·in)

N/A 2


N/A 24 VDC, 190 O, 3 W

Unit Weight

N/A 1.2 lb


N/A Input: 63 x 10-6 in·lb·s², Output: 23 x 10-6 in·lb·s²

Additional Information

Shaft configurations
Standard input and output shaft extensions are as shown. Optional configurations available upon request.


The Standard CEM-DR reversing drive package comprises a single, unidirectional input shaft, a bidirectional output shaft, and two integral electromagnetic clutches. With the input continuously driven, the output shaft is either decoupled from the input, or directionally coupled to it by the selected action of the clutches. Refer to the schematics above. For example, with the input driven, and both clutches de-energized, the output is free wheeling. The excitation of Clutch #1 will cause the output shaft to be coupled to the input in the same angular direction as the input, and at the same speed. Similarly, excitation of Clutch #2 will cause the output and the input to be coupled, however, the output will be driven in the opposite direction as the input. The drive is internally protected against damage from mechanical jams, or from accidental excitation of both clutches simultaneously.

Normally, the output shaft extends from the side opposite that of the input shaft, at the one o'clock position, when the package is viewed from the input shaft end as shown in the drawing below. The drive also can be purchased with a number of different shaft extension options. Other options include dual output shafts, and output or input shaft extensions on either, or both, sides of the package. The dual output shaft option provides a pair of coupled, counter-rotating shafts, capable of rapid reversal upon command.